Grin City News:

Culture Lab's New Projects

Culture Lab is part makerspace, part think-tank, part educational experiment with the aim of creating new projects that change the way we interact with the world and to pioneer a multidisciplinary educational program that engages creativity and scientific inquiry in a manner that responds to new technology and discoveries.

Vinyl Town Work

New vinyl works, collaboratively designed by Grin City Artists. Past works can be seen at Drake Library and the Purple Cucumber in Grinnell.

Join the series of works on the cities of Iowa. Do you want vinyl works on a window in your local community? Contact Us.
Artists, Exhibitions & Events

Stay up to date on Grin City's social practice and public art projects within the local communities. These projects have taken many forms including pop-up galleries, dinners, murals, dance parties, site-specific installations, and new public sculptures.

Grin City Projects

Grin City's projects include, experiments, performances, festivals, exhibitions, contraptions, inventions, books, stories and art. Projects are initiated by individuals and through collaborative effort by artists-in-residence. We work on the Grin City Farm and participate in the local community.

About Grin City:


Grin City needs your support. Help Grin City continue to support emerging and established artists of all disciplines.


Woodworking shop, metal working facilities, large indoor spaces to create large scale works and individual studios. Whatever it is you want to create Grin City can find a way.


Grin City is located on a 320-acre farm in beautiful east-central Iowa. The farm is located one mile north of the town of Grinnell.


Artist Residency Programs. Learn more about past Grin City Collective artists-in-residence.