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There has been a rise in people who prefer their bodies to be cremated after their deaths. We can attribute the increase to the reduced religious affiliations, low costs, increased environmental awareness, flexible timings, and more personalization. The factors above have made the practice of cremation to be as common as the traditional burial.

Today, over 50% of Americans prefer to be cremated, with the number expected to hit 75% by 2035, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. So, how does a cremation service work? This article will take you through what happens at a cremation service.

The Arrival of Mourners at the Crematorium

The first thing is the arrival and assembly of the mourners outside the crematorium, waiting for the hearse. They may also sit in the chapel waiting for the coffin to arrive from a mortuary San Bernardino. When the casket arrives, they place it on a catafalque near the mourners for all to see.

The Mourners Sit, Awaiting the Service to Start

A cremation service takes between 30-45 minutes before the process of creation starts. Therefore, all the mourners must be on time.

Commencement of the Committal

At the end of the service, they obscure the coffin from the mourners’ view for them to offer their final respects before the cremation of the body. Options include the movement of the coffin behind curtains, a gate, glass, or it may be removed entirely from the building.

The Mourners Leave the Cremation Service

At this stage, the guests give their condolences to the deceased’s family, see the wreaths and flowers that family and friends have given, and proceed to the wake.

Beginning of the Wake

The wake is an optional arrangement that brings people together. They celebrate the life of their loved ones in unison. It can include drinks, food, music, and displaying the deceased’s photographs. It ensures that everybody can share their memories in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Family Members Leave the Wake

At the end of the wake, one or two close family members stay with the coffin. They take a final moment to say goodbye and leave the crematorium after closing the curtains. The staff then move in to perform their last duties before taking it to the process chamber.

Processing of Cremation

At this stage, the funeral directors sanitize and disinfect the coffin to ensure everything is clean for cremation. They also close it and place a lock on or near it. The casket may be present inside the chamber at this point or placed inside after they have entered.

Cremating of the Body

Now that everything is ready, the cremation process begins. The temperature is between 1400 and 1800 degrees Celsius, which reduces a body to bones in approximately two hours. The staff ensure that they do it from both sides, ensuring no damage on one side of the body or another


Cremation is increasingly becoming popular among the public nowadays. Therefore, you must understand what happens in a cremation service before taking a body from a mortuary. People realize the importance of being environmentally aware and using cremation to reduce funeral costs.