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Just found out that you need a root canal? Or are you experiencing unbearable dental pain? You might want to consider visiting an endodontist. You see, an endodontist is a specialist at saving teeth. They’re trained to offer appropriate diagnoses, especially on advanced dental care issues such as root canal surgery, and customized root canal treatment.

However, it’s always difficult for most people to decide when they need to see one. If this sounds like you, here are some of the top reasons to see an endodontist soon:

Offers Experience and Efficiency

Endodontists specifically focus on endodontic treatment (root can treatment, and root canal surgery) they have an in-depth understanding of these dental procedures. Remember, their daily routine is surrounded by similar issues. And on average, most of them handle up to 25 cases per week. So, they will offer you shorter appointments, and of course an enhanced patient experience.

Readily Available

Most Endodontists operate with a flexible schedule. So, they can comfortably handle emergency cases. If for example, you call in with severe pain and infections, you can be sure to be quickly booked in at West LA Endodontics for treatment.

Have Undergone Additional Training

Although all endodontists are dentists, they are much more advanced than dentists. This is because they undergo 2-3 years of additional training after normal dental school. The training equips them with advanced proficiency in pain diagnosis skills, root canal surgery and treatment.

So, even if your general dentist can handle your root canal problem, they can always refer you to an endodontist when the problem is beyond their skills. Therefore, in simple terms, endodontists, are the experts in the dental health sector.

In fact, if you ask around. You will be told that endodontists are the directives of the dentistry industry. They can easily and quickly detect the root cause of dental pain or infection. All this, thanks to their incredibly strong educational background in diagnosing pain. Giving effective solutions to problems is their specialty.

Use Improved Technology

Because of the nature of their work and expertise, endodontists usually use specialized technology and equipment to address their patients’ needs. And because of this, they can guarantee you the best results. For example, using a surgical operating microscope allows these specialists to work with impressive precision as they navigate your root canal.

There is also the CBCT system (cone-beam computed tomography), which performs 3D x-rays for the jaw. This ensures you receive the correct diagnosis, and proper treatment.